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The root cause of why you feel stuck and why the methods you've tried to fix it in the past haven't fully worked

The system in your body that's been working overtime to keep you safe and shaping how you experience the world

How to start understanding and calibrating the potential of your nervous system so you can start feeling solid within

How your current relationships are a reflection of your childhood experiences and how to begin changing this

The evidence-based roadmap to healing that is rooted in faith AND neuroscience (that no one else is teaching it this specific way!)

BONUS: Deep dive worksheet that we'll use together LIVE during the workshop to help you integrate the information

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      Claudine is a physician, trauma-informed certified life coach, and feminine embodiment coach. She is passionate about helping Catholic women heal their heart wounds and embody their feminine genius through Integrative Catholic Life Coaching™ so they can thrive and step into their God-given mission and purpose.

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